We Love Our Mothers…

My Mom

Because they choose the hardest and most blessed of paths
They choose us

Because they give up so very much, in so many ways, to set upon that path,
Yet see our births much more as sunrises than any kind of sunsets
And continue to do so,
In bold defiance of all reason

Because many have struggled with the great questions of
“Who am I to be somebody’s Mom,”
“Is it mine?”

and yet forever lay those huge battles to rest
upon first holding warm human flesh to their breasts
that is of their blood,
crying out with hunger

And, the diapers need changing

Because they love our fathers
And none need it more

Or at least give it their very best shot
And no more can be asked

Because they are the most gentle
yet by far the strongest people from whom we learn

Because they keep the hounds at bay
During those God-awful days when we first bring back home
our band instruments
From junior high school,
Sometimes bigger than ourselves

And they hear the promise of sweet music
when others can hear only blaring assault
an unimaginable instrumental “raspberry”

They hear the promise of music most noble,
And we imagine them saying,

“Just you wait…,”

not stopping to give a damn
(at least as far as we can see)

how the deaf clanging world
sated with its own cacophony
might presume to pass judgment
on our future potential

Because the lessons they teach us are without number
And from the heart

(I think I shall always remember the tenderness
of being tucked in at bedtime
and saying my prayers:

Thank you for the world so sweet,
And thank you for the food we eat,
Thank you for the birds that sing,

And Thank you, God,
For everything

Because they teach us that Earth is our home,
And one another our people,
Yet remind us in their being of something much Greater
And more celestial

Because long, long before anyone else
even seems to have a clue,
They see that it is our differences
Our quirks
That make us special
And so we cannot lose.

Because it is part of their mission
To show us poetry in motion
Real life in its unfolding

Because love opens all doors,
And only those who have stepped through that portal
Can meaningfully invite us to step on through

Because they hurt when we hurt,
And are there whenever humanly possible to dry our tears

Because they are doing the very best they can
Day to night and night to day
Working quiet miracles

Because quite possibly more than anyone else, ever,
They want to see us succeed
And will be the last ones
(Almost always)
To sell us short
In a world that seems Hell bent on doing just that

Because we see ourselves reflected in their eyes
And sometimes must stop and feel “Wow”!
For there we see, and are reminded, that
we are all of us brought into this world
As somebody’s greatest dream

Because they die a million deaths in fear for our foolishnesses,
While we are infants in our cribs and teenagers and commuters
and sometimes parents ourselves

And pray with all their hearts
That it not be given them to see the sun set upon our lives
While they still cast shadows upon the ground

Because not only would our lives not be without them,

We cannot imagine
really living without them

Because they love us
as the sun gives light
Without reason, condition, or limit

Because they listen to even the silly, stupid things with an open heart,
The things that are maybe most ours,
And never laugh or turn cold

Because it is often not easy for them to pull it all off,
Day after day.

It cannot be

But in their hearts we become their reason
And we are all of us blessed

Because they can drive us crazy sometimes
In ways that we somehow know

We will miss terribly some day

Because they are each and every one,
One of a kind,
And absolutely 100% irreplaceable
In the heart of our hearts

And we wouldn’t
ave it any other way

And yet deep in our hearts
(though we cannot bear the idea)
must not forget
that will have them with us only yet
for a while

Because they have taught us that Love Never Dies
And no union so close to the quickening very heart of being
So much of God made, so uniquely and especially blessed
Can ever be severed
(What has always been, can never end,
you know)

Because we know that they will be among the first to greet us
Upon crossing Heaven’s threshold of light most golden
At last
And so, OK, Heaven must be all right,
It couldn’t really be Heaven without them

Because the greatest miracle of all
Is knowing in your heart
That you are somebody’s greatest miracle

For all these reasons and so very many more
Though in truth we need no reason at all
We love our mothers.

And so I say, from the heart,
Thank you!,
To all the mothers in my life
So precious to me


I love you, Mom

More than words could ever hold

I feel that my heart, from here to eternity,
And throughout whatever seasons may then come
may cry out always first “Mommy!”

With gladness
And with gratitude

Because you have given me,
Given unto all of us,

The greatest and by far most fine
Gift of all
(Really, the only one that matters):



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