Art Show!

Last night I was one of the artists participating in the Third Annual Communion Celebrates Art show, held in the main gallery at the Bakehouse Arts Complex on NW 32nd Street in the Wynnwood area. It was a charitable event benefiting Miami’s Communion Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to creative support and enrichment of South Florida’s gays, lesbians, and all who happen to co-exist on the same planet. (I guess that’s my explanation, not theirs!) It was an amazing time.

For more information on the event, check out

Alan hanging the show

This show was particularly exciting to me because I showed for the first time and offered for sale giclee (jee-KLAY) reproductions of my work. These are truly amazing state-of-the-art reproductions of the original paintings, printed with archival inks on stretched canvas, ready for framing. (Or not, as I’ve painted the sides of the canvas.) They are all certified museum-quality reproductions done by one of the national leaders in the field, Redfish Publishing in West Palm Beach.

(Redfish is a small shop that makes big waves in the art world. It’s owned and run by a guy named Steve, himself in every sense an artist. Truly one of a kind. From what I observed, his passion for what he is doing and exquisite attention to detail really makes it happen. I would recommend this outfit absolutely and with zero hesitation: )

In a nutshell, the process involves an amazingly over-the-top scanner (capturing the image at a resolution of 108 MILLION megapixels) and then a museum-quality printing process using the very best archival inks on either canvas or suitable paper. Standing even a foot away, it is VERY difficult even for me to distinguish between the giclees and the originals. The availability of this technology comes at a wonderful time (that would be now), and changes things in some important and exciting ways. First, I never again have to hear “Oh, I wish THAT one were for sale,” long after the original has found a happy home. Also, for the first time I am able to play with the size of the paintings, and it’s been a very cool experience to see paintings re-created in completely different sizes.

Three giclees hanging in a row can make a fine show really go

Each image will be done in a limited edition, signed and numbered. They are all “enhanced” by me, meaning that I’ve painted on the canvas a little bit more, and then signed. And, a Certificate of Authenticity will be provided, just as soon as I find out what one of those things looks like!

Here is a very cool example, a painting called Afternoon Forever, Provincetown, acrylic on carboard (wine carton, the only surface available!). Here is the original, about 22″ X 43″:

Now, here is how the giclee looks hanging in our bedroom. (Well, tonight it’s in the show…) We were amazed to first see it, at a great size of 33″ X 66″:

It was a truly awesome experience, seeing these giclees for the first time. My first thought was “Wow!” My second was, “It really looks like it was meant to be painted that big!”

And another really exciting aspect of this whole venture, to me, is that the economics of the situation. These works are a tremendous value, available for substantially less than what an original painting of like size would command. That makes me happy, because I want people to be able to enjoy and live with my work. Especially in these hard economic and generally challenging times, it delights me that that has become a possibility for more people.

I’ve really only just begun to play with the possibilities, here. Another new presentation of my work with great possibilities involve these fine prints, available for sale individually or as a group. And they do look really awesome, framed as a group and hanging together on a wall.

And the other cool thing, of course, is that full size paintings, or fine prints on paper, can be made “on demand” of any of the images.

These are hard times for people, and for our Earth. It is like we stand on a cusp, and there have never been more possibilities, for positive creativity and for massive destruction.

But it must be said: there is technology at our fingertips (quite literally, starting with the keyboard resting in front of you) never before known, ready to blast open all known walls of communication and creative expression.

All we need is a miracle. Fortunately, I’ve no doubt that they happen. And not just for some people, some of the time.

Stay tuned…


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