Latest Painting: "Fireflies"

I‘ve just returned from a visit with my brother Whit, wife Sam, and wunderkind Alianne and Thompson, along with my parents, up in Jersey and NYC. I hadn’t taken my paints or brushes with me, figuring I’d just “veg” for a change, but in the end felt that pull, and had to paint. I did what I could with the mess of childrens’ paints, glitter, etc. that was lying around. When I ran out of white paint, I used Elmer’s glue.

So here are Ali and Thompson experiencing a moment. They loved to catch the fireflies. Or perhaps moreso, to run here and there, and FAST, into the darkness in their pursuit.

I especially enjoyed one special evening painting with Alianne. She is six. (Thompson is four, and most definitely worth his own story, at least!) In the middle of our conversation, she said “Uncle Paul, let’s stop talking and listen to the sound of the crickets.” “Cool,” I thought. I had to smile. It is not easy to shut me up!

The sound was like a symphony, or perhaps several.

Ali’s two paintings, and my one. The one she’s holding is finger paint on slate.

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