"Jade Vine," Third Sitting

Jade Vine 40″ X 40″ As of 3/15/2009, Third Sitting

I find myself in a bit of a race with the jade vine flowers. When it’s time to start dropping down in clusters and to burst out in unreal technicolor, it’s time. And there’s just no talking reason with them.

They do put on a show, for sure, but it’s as if they’re in a hurry to go back wherever it is they come from.

The painting as of the second sitting is in the post below. Sometimes painting is definitely not easy. When the “groove” isn’t there, for whatever reason, I can think of few things one might sit down to do that might feel such a battle and so personal, so challenging and relentless. That’s how it was yesterday. And yet I challenged myself a bit, and forced it. Usually I don’t. But the blooming vines gave me a reason, and besides: there’s always that hope of “click”…

And our cat Hoppers helped. Some time into that bleak sitting, he graciously leapt up on to the bench, near the painting’s center, and commenced to stretch out and relax.

I was so happy to have him there. We do love the boy. He is definitely a trip. Now, at least, the painting had an anchor.

Today, thank God, was different, and better. Everything about everything, about the day. And for that I am grateful.

Thanks, folks.

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