Back At The Easel

June 6, 2009

Some paintings take a lot longer than others. That’s just the way it is. In my case, it usually has less to do with “artistic progress,” or “conceptual seasoning,” or some other such notion, than with my distracted state of mind, or the inevitable intervening demands of life. We all do what we can.

But wait! Oh, yeah. There’s also the weather. I cannot remember so much rain, in such an unbroken cycle. The plants out in the garden could not be happier, but we’re still waiting for the plaster guy to come back to give our old home another stab at watertight redemption.

As the torrential rains have continued to pummel the city, I’ve worked on the painting a bit inside, in my “indoor studio.” Tuesday it dawned on me: The Sun is shining! And so out I went and splashed away.

So here we are, so far. Our kitty Hoppers is indeed a young cat of few words, but he seems to generally approve of his rendering.

Grateful to know that you are out there. Thanks.