Aaahh, Bear Cut.

March 15, 2008

Bear Cut Breeze Oil on Canvas 24″ X 36″ 2008
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“Bear Cut,” out on Key Biscayne, is a precious small sliver of the Earth and sea that fills a huge place in my heart. There is salt breeze and luxuriant light and shadow of green mangrove forest, and water that is shallow here and suddenly quite deep there, and so feels in turn warm and refreshingly cool. It is as if the Earth breathes easy there, and quite naturally invites you along, calls out to you with some sweet ancient song.

Here is one of the places where the waters of Biscayne Bay flow on past to rejoin the great Ocean beyond, and so the horizon is so wide and open and blue and breeze-swept that it can easily take your breath away. All you need do is stop and stand there, water around your ankles, and time stands still.

Really it cannot be put into words, the magic of this place. You should go there. Make the time.
How I love this place. How very kind to me it has been over the years. It has never turned its back on me nor withdrawn its embrace, yet asked nothing in return. It is in this cathedral that I have been baptized, time after time, and felt the touch and promise of grace.

And I am grateful.

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